Brandy Chase Apartments
125 Principal Court
Radcliff, KY 40160


Deal Direct Brandy Chase Apartments
Brandy Chase Apartments

Why Choose Brandy Chase Apartments

Most area properties are operated by management companies from an off-site office. They visit the property to show an apartment, or to react to a problem. Brandy Chase Apartments is managed by the owners from an on-site office, and are on-site daily. This provides awareness to the pulse of the property, and early reaction to a potential negative situation, often before it happens, instead of reacting to complaints. Dealing direct with the owner greatly outweigh dealing with a third party whose primary interest may not be actively protecting the environment over what you and your children call home.

Key questions you should ask when viewing area rentals

  1. Is the complex managed by the owner from an on-site office? If not, there is nobody there to feel the daily pulse of the complex, view and understand daily happenings, and to react to situations before they become a problem.
  2. If there are multiple buildings adjacent to each other, ask if they are all owned and operated by the same person or company. Otherwise, all area buildings are only as safe, secure, and well managed as the weakest managed building.
  3. Is there on-site maintenance people, dedicated exclusively to the complex? If not, reaction time to a maintenance issue will not be as good.

If you don't understand the reasons for the above questions, call us and we will tell you why they are so important.

Military Early Termination

In accordance with SCRA 535, if lease type designated "Military" in Article 2, and Tenant received orders for a permanent change of duty station or to deploy with a military unit for a period not less than 90 days, the Lease may be terminated without penalty. If tenancy is terminated prior to lease expiration date, regardless of reason, Tenant is responsible for deficit to posted rate for actual tenancy. Relocating to base housing or barracks does not qualify for military escape and minimum tenancy is three (3) calendar months, regardless of reason.